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Concerning Original Characters (OC’s): To play an OC, you must first be playing at least 1 (one) canon character.

Concerning Posting: Once a week, unless you give notice. This does not mean you have to post a new thread each week, per se, but at the very least have your character in a thread (actively!) or put a journal entry up. If you can’t keep up with all your characters, it will be suggested that you put some up for adoption.

Playing Other People’s Characters: If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, your character will be NPC’d if necessary. If you are going to play someone else’s character in a Security Camera Post, you must first obtain that person’s permission! In a thread, you may only play your character.

Number of Characters:To begin with, you may take on 1 (one) character. After a short probationary period, (about a two or three weeks) if you’d like another, apply. If you’ve proven that you can handle taking on another character, we’ll approve you. Other than that, you may have as many as you can handle. We’ll tell you when we begin to question your sanity.

What is Canon?: Canon here, is a combination of movieverse and Uncanny/Astonishingverse. If you are totally lost, Wikipedia and the MarvelWiki Database are INSANELY helpful!

Huge Life Changes for Characters:If your character(s) is/are making huge life decisions that could affect other characters, please hash it out in the OOC Comm.

Instant Messaging: The best way to contact your mods is through AIM. We’ve all got a screen name. You can find these at this LIST.

Adopted/Previously Played Characters: If you’ve adopted a character or are playing one that has a bit of history in the game, you should know what happened with them before you started playing and work that into your playing. To get this information contact the mods and we’ll help you with that!

Player Interaction: Interaction between players is seriously encouraged! Yeah! You should do it! It’s amazing! However, if the interaction is negative, please contact a mod, and we’ll handle the situation. You must treat your fellow players with respect.

The Communities: You must join both communities. All questions go in the OOC comm, and all the game play goes on in the IC comm. It's that easy.

Character Journals: Once your character has been accepted, you must create a separate lj account for your character. Then you must join both communities, as stated above.


June 2007

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